Our Reputation

The Health Television Network has been producing high-quality video education and training courses for the health industry for more than twenty years.

What began as a not-for-profit devoted to the continuing education of doctors and pharmacists, soon developed into a solid resource for the training of a wide range of health professionals. HTN’s founders produced the first 30 programs for the Rural Health Satellite Network, an endeavour embraced by the Federal Government and expanded to service more than one thousand country hospitals throughout Australia.

HTN has also become well known in the health care industry for its provision of benchmark live training events, with a special focus on the health of the older person.

In 2003, HTN officially launched the Aged Care Channel (ACC). This initiative began with delivering effective, mandatory training via satellite to 16 care home facilities. Soon, two out of three care homes in Australia would be using the ACC as their primary vehicle for learning. It has now grown into the national training platform known as Altura Learning.

Our Philosophy

HTN’s success is built on a philosophy of learning that engages the heart first, so that health practitioners can see the impact of the knowledge they are acquiring on real people, and so are better motivated to put it into practise.

The network has also broken the training ‘log jam’ caused by the need for specialised facilitators. HTN’s learning packages have traditionally been built around easy-to-watch, half-hour programs that can be run with little additional training. These creative tools focus on participants listening to their peers, patients and residents in real care situations, in order to gain relevant, best practise training. In 2016, HTN also became the leader in a whole new field of health education.

Our Focus

HTN’s current focus is on education that focusses on ‘quality of life’ rather than just quality of care.

International educators now recognise that best practise care extends beyond the physical and mental, to embrace the spiritual needs of the individual. ‘Quality of life’ programs recognise that a person is not truly healthy if he or she is struggling to understand the meaning and purpose for their life.

HTN has taken all of the lessons it has learned from its ground-breaking courses in medicinal and therapeutic training to create the Spiritual Care Series. This 16-hour, high quality course equips health professionals and volunteers with the skills necessary to help older people discover pathways to meaningful ageing. HTN is also currently developing similar ‘quality of life’ courses to assist professionals and volunteers working with the developmentally disabled and those suffering from mental health challenges.

As a recognition of its not-for-profit work within the health industry, the Australian Taxation Office has endorsed HTN as a registered charity and awarded it DGR status. Private investment will aid the development of further training programs which will improve the ‘quality of health care’ for all people, both physically and spiritually.