About the Spiritual Care Series

Medical science has brought about countless breakthroughs in the way we care for older people. But it has also led to a realisation. Physical and mental health are essential – but not enough. True, holistic care means understanding and supplying their spiritual needs as well.

It is built on eight flexible-learning modules that provide participants with everything from a realistic understanding of the ageing process, to practical techniques for re-connecting people with their pasts, and coping with the losses age brings.

The Spiritual Care Series has been designed by world-renowned experts to equip health professionals and volunteers with the skills necessary to help older people discover pathways to meaningful ageing.

The facilitated course can be delivered in various settings, from small to large groups. It includes a substantial workbook for each participant and extensive support and guides for facilitators. The key learning outcomes are reinforced by high quality videos which contain, interviews, animations, panel discussions and practical exercises.

"An excellent course of very high quality which was beyond my expectations really, especially for the cost. The professional videos were a highlight as was the course book. It certainly has given me a lot of confidence to begin my carer journey. Well done!”"

HTN online Participant

"It would be great if all care organisations would adopt and adequately fund this wonderful program which is so beneficial for the care of the older person"

Southern Cross Care Participant

“Immensely useful for anyone trying to support and assist an older person. I simply was not aware of all the factors that are so important as a person ages and loses more and more independence”

SCS Online Participant

“It truly is the most valuable short course I’ve come across, and in this I compare it with CPE and also with single semester unit subjects in pastoral and spiritual care. It gathers so much together, offering practical expertise and guidance but also real strength in the ethical, psycho-social and theological content and prompts.”

Spiritual Care Series Product Order

10 x User Minimum Bundle

$650 + gst

  • Includes: Participant’s Workbook x 10
  • Facilitator’s Guide x 2
  • Videos for each episode x 1 DVD set
  • Bridge on-line access x 12 licences
  • Costs for shipping via Australia Post are extra
Spiritual Care Series Products

Spiritual Care Series Products

Additional Manuals and DVD's for Existing Users

$65 + gst

Participant Workbook Cover

View a sample from the 200 page participant workbook